FAQ 5 on 5

Ajax Pickering Summer Hockey

5 on 5 House League Division F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can play in the 5 on 5 Division?

A: House League and AE players only.  Rep Players (A,AA,AAA) must play in the 3 on 3 Division.


Q: Do Tyke and Novice play 1/2 ice or full ice?
A: All games are full ice.

Q: When does the league start and end? 
A: Starts approximately May 23rd and ends approximately August 10th.

Q: How many games are played? 
A: Each team is guaranteed 11 games. 

Q: What is the registration fee? 
A:  For 2019 the registration fee has stayed at $229, however, we are obligated to collect HST on registration fees which adds an extra $29.80 plus an additional $10.00 is payable as a refundable sweater deposit. Total payable at registration is $269.00.  You can either keep the sweater at the end of the season or return it for the $10.00 deposit. We understand the expense involved with multiple children in the same family. Second and subsequent children in the family can deduct $10.00 from their registration fee (not applicable for credit card payments).

Q: Where are the games played? 
A: All games are at Ajax Community Centre

Q: What are the age groupings? 
A: Please click on "Age Groups"

Q: What determines a player's age level? 
A: Their year of birth is the determining factor. Parents may request their child to play one level above, and in some cases we will be asking players to move up one level to balance teams. Only in very rare instances would a player be allowed to play down one level. 

Q: When are the games? 
A: 2018 Games were on Monday through Thursday nights and we expect no significant changes for 2019. There are never any weekend games. We attempt to have as many games as possible on a consistent night for each age group. Past seasons teams have had 70-80% of their games on a consistent evening. This season we are planning the following nights to have a majority (not all) of the games scheduled:  Tykes on Thursdays, Novices Thursdays, Atoms on Thursdays, PeeWees on Tuesdays, Bantams on Tuesdays and Midgets/Juveniles on Mondays and Thursdays.   This is not confirmed and is subject to registration numbers, total teams and to final ice allocation from the Town.

Q: What time are the games? 
A: Games start between 6:00-10:00pm. Tyke and Novice games will be at the earlier times.  There are three 10 minute stop time periods with a 2 minute warmup.

Q: How many players per team? 
A: Maximum of 15 skaters and one goalie. 

Q: How many teams in the league? 
A: We aim for a minimum of 4 teams in each division. 

Q: What is the calibre of the league? 
A: This is totally dependent on the players that register. It is primarily house league players from Ajax & Pickering & Whitby Minor Hockey Associations.  It is not appropriate for  A, AA and AAA players -these players must play in the REP 3 on 3 division.  Balancing of teams is done to ensure parity within the division.

Q: Is there a girls division? 
A: No, the league is completely co-ed, girls and boys are welcome and play together.  At the Bantam and Midget level, girls may play one age level down (i.e. Midget age girls can play Bantam).

Q: What equipment is required?
A:  Full hockey equipment is required, including CSA approved helmet, face protection, mouthguard and neck protector.  Sweaters are provided, not socks.  Click on "equipment" for a list of required and suggested equipment.

Q: Is there any fundraising involved? 
A: Absolutely not. The registration fee is the only requirement.

Q: Are there practice times? 
A: No, the schedule consists of games only.

Q: Do teams have coaches? 
A: Yes, and we are looking for coaches for this summer. There is a spot on the application form to indicate if you wish to coach. 

Q: Are teams sponsored? 
A: Sponsors are welcomed. Your company name will be printed on one set of sweaters. Team sponsorship starts at only $250.00 (click here for more info).  One position on each team is reserved for the sponsor's child.  Tax deductible receipts are provided on request.

Q: What is included in the registration fee? 
A: Team sweater (returnable), referees, timekeepers, ice time, statistics, awards for winning teams

Q: Still have unanswered questions?
A:  Email us at ajaxpickeringsummerhockey@gmail.com