FAQ 3 on 3

Ajax Pickering Summer Hockey

3 on 3 REP Division F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can play in the Rep 3 on 3 Division?

A: Rep players at the A,AA or AAA level only.  House League players must play in the 5 on 5 Division.  There are no residency restrictions in summer hockey.  The league is comprised mostly of teams that register as full team entries.  Individual entries will be placed on teams when there are enough individuals to make up a team.

Q: When does the league start and end? 
A: Starts approximately May 16th and ends approximately August 13th. 

Q: How many games are played? 
A: Each team is guaranteed 11 games.

Q: What is the registration fee? 
A: 2019 Fees:  Individual total is $289 (includes $31.07 HST). Team entry total is $2890 (including $310.61 HST).  Team entries must provide their own jerseys.  Individual entry players will have jerseys provided (to be returned at the end of the season).

Q: Where are the games played? 
A: All games are at Ajax Community Centre

Q: What are the age groupings? 
A: Please click on "Age Groups"

Q: What determines a player's age level? 
A: Their year of birth is the determining factor.

Q: When are the games? 
A: Games are on Monday through Thursday nights. There are never any weekend games. We attempt to have as many games as possible on a consistent night for each age group.  This season we are planning to have a majority (not all) of the games scheduled on Monday nights and Thursday nights.  This is not confirmed and is subject to registration numbers, total teams and to final ice allocation from the Town.

Q: What time are the games? 
A: Games start between 6:00-10:00pm. 

Q: How many players per team? 
A: Maximum of 9 skaters and one goalie. 

Q: How many teams in the league? 
A: We aim for a minimum of 4 teams in each division.  PeeWee and Bantam have had 7 or 8 teams in previous years. 

Q: What is the calibre of the league? 
A: This is totally dependent on the players that register.  It is only appropriate for  A, AA and AAA players. Balancing of team entries is not done, but may occur on individual entry teams. 

Q: Is there a girls division? 
A: No, the league is completely co-ed, girls and boys are welcome.  At the Bantam and Midget level, girls may play one age level down.

Q: What equipment is required?
A:  Full hockey equipment is required, including CSA approved helmet, face protection, mouthguard and neck protector.  Team entries are responsible for providing their own sweaters. 

Q: Is there any fundraising involved? 
A: Absolutely not. The registration fee is the only requirement.

Q: Are there practice times? 
A: No, the schedule consists of games only.

Q: What is included in the registration fee? 
A: Referees, timekeepers, ice time, statistics, trophies.

Q: Still have unanswered questions?
A: Email us at ajaxpickeringsummerhockey@gmail.com