5 on 5 Division Description

Ajax Pickering Summer Hockey

5 on 5 Division Description

For Boys playing at the House League or AE level
For Girls playing at the House League, B or C level
For players that played House League level in the winter in Tyke through Juvenile*

The 5 on 5 Division is patterned after Winter House League hockey programmes that most people are familiar with.

Players enter as individuals and are placed on teams with a goal of spreading the talent equally among the teams.  In summer hockey, players can request to play with a friend on the same team.

Teams are "balanced" after a few games to reduce the possibility of very dominant or very weak teams.  This is not a science but usually has the desired effect of providing closer competition among teams.  Regardless of how much "balancing" is done, someone will end up in first place and someone will end up in last place.

To ensure that the talent is relatively equal, only House League and AE players (girls B&C as well) are permitted to play.

*Midget/Juvenile house league players will play with other house league players but will play 3 on 3 rules.