3 on 3 REP Division Description

Ajax Pickering Summer Hockey

3 on 3 REP Division Description

For Boys playing A,AA or AAA hockey.
For Girls playng AA,A,BB,B hockey.
For players who player Novice-Atom-PeeWee-Bantam-Midget REP in the winter.


Restricted to REP players, 3 on 3 hockey is a wide open, fast paced, high tempo game rewarding offensive and creative play.  Team entries and individual entries are permitted.  There is no "balancing" of teams.
The game has no offsides or icing, play is continuous from the time the puck is dropped until the end of the period.  High scores are common.

Teams are restricted to 3 players on the ice at a time and a maximum of 9 skaters on the team.

Penalties result in exciting penalty shots throughout the game.